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The dreamlike surroundings, plenty of landmarks as castles, châteaus, and museums, the tranquility of the nature, the smooth lanscapes of the Swabian Alb and the lovely Wörnitz river will enchant you. Situated directly at the foot of the castle Schloss Harburg, the Hotel · Restaurant Straussen offers you the entry to the most beautiful part of Northern Swabia.

You can experience the traditions, the culture and the origin of a unique region - The "Nördlinger Ries"! Discover modern spirit and art in perfect harmony with the "Geopark Ries", the romantic old towns of Harburg and Nördlingen and a lovely countryside.

In our place , you'll find perfect conditions for any holiday planning after everybody's fancy. Have a look at some of our excursion tips for your stay at our Hotel · Restaurant Straußen in Harburg/Schwaben.

The Harburg Castle

One of the most beautiful and best preserved castles of southern Germany. Our tip: Make a guided tour at night and discover the Middle Ages!
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The city of Nördlingen

The historic center of Nördlingen is enclosed by it's completely accessible surrounding city wall. Our tip: Climb the 365 steps of the spire nicknamed "Daniel".
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Bowling alley

You would like to play a bowling match with your friends? No problem. We've got two bowling alleys (German bowling: small bowl, 9 pins) which invite you to some thrilling tournaments. We enjoy making your reservation.

Geopark Ries

Harburg is located on the edge of a crater, created by the impact of a giant meteorite some 14,5 millions of years ago, but still visible. Discover this geological first class particularity.
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