The way to our hotel

Harburg is the home town of our Hotel · Restaurant Straussen. Located 544 m above sea level you find the small town with the best preserved castle in southern Germany at the edge of the Ries-Crater.

Some day, all of our frequenters came to us for the first time. We have assembled the most important approaches to Harburg, so you can find your way easily.

Journey by railway

Your destination station is Harburg / Schwaben. There are numerous connections all over the day to the big centres such as Munich, Berlin or Hamburg. From the station to our hotel, it's just a 10 minutes walk. If you inform us about your arrival time two days before, (Tel.: +49 (0)9080 1398) the hotel team will pick you up directly at the railway station Harburg / Schwaben.

Journey by car

In the era of satnavs and route planners, we abstain from a long description of routes to take. Here's the most important data for your satnav:


Hotel · Restaurant Straussen

Marktplatz 2

86655 Harburg / Schwaben


Please notice that our nice little family hotel is located in Bavaria, southern Germany. It should'nt be mistaken for Harburg near Hamburg in northern Germany.

Welcome to 
the Straussen

Tuesday to Saturday:

7am to 11pm
Hot food:
11 am to 2 pm and
6 pm to 9.30 pm
Sunday 8 am to 4 pm
Hot food:
11am to 2.30pm


... wir müssen leider

draussen warten!